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Smart Mobility Symposium

26 February 2020

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Event summary

Air pollution, increasing traffic congestion and scarcity of urban space are the main drivers for more efficient and environmentally-friendly mobility solutions in our cities. Thus, we are constantly driving the development towards cleaner and smarter mobility to make urban life more liveable and less strenuous.

Hear the latest updates from those driving the future for a cleaner and smarter mobility in our cities throughout different formats including short expert lectures, panel discussions, workshops and informal exchanges. 

The Smart Mobility Symposium is co-organised by the UK Science and Innovation Network (SIN), the Department for International Trade (DIT), the City of Bielefeld and BABLE. The event brings together professionals from the public and private sector as well as research institutions, developers and financing institutions from the United Kingdom, Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Participants have a specific interest in the opportunities of Smart Mobility, are keen on engaging internationally and see potential in cross-national cooperation in the Smart Mobility sector. We’d like to spark cooperation in the field of Smart Mobility, foster collaboration and drive action.

The event will be taking place in the City of Bielefeld (as we are certain it exists) that follows an ambitious plan to restructure public space and mobility in its city core.

Welcome address

Photo of Rafe Courage
Rafe Courage

HM Consul - General
British Consulate General Düsseldorf

Photo of Marco Imkamp
Marco Imkamp​

Staff of the Head of Department for Economical Affairs, Urban Planning and Mobility; City of Bielefeld​

Population growth, urbanisation, climate change. ​
There are so many ideas for mastering these challenges with intelligent and sustainable mobility concepts. But change requires people to rethink – as fast as possible


Photo of Amir Shehadeh
Amir Shehadeh

Sales & Business Development Manager, ioki Hamburg

Multimodal Mobility: Solving the first-and-last-mile problem

The challenges of mobility are as diverse as the solutions need to be. We consider demand responsive transport as the common ground for the future of mobility.

Photo of Pr. Mark Barry
Pr. Mark Barry

M&G Barry Consulting Ltd and Professor of Practice in Connectivity at Cardiff University’s School of Geography and Planning​

What is the smartest way to move around our cities?​

Maybe active travel and public transport are still the smartest ways to move around our cities…!​

Photo of David Kane
David Kane

CTO Hardware at Streetdock Belfast​

Pushing the Envelope - Creating novel options in the last mile for all stakeholders​

Repurposing small areas of our public spaces for smart mobility solutions is achievable and it will unlock the chance to radically shift how we interact with and move through our environment for the better.​

Photo of Dr. Caroline Mullen
Dr. Caroline Mullen

Institute for Transport Studies, University of Leeds​

Smart mobility and sustainability: a regulatory challenge​

Smart mobility could be central for creating sustainability in transport if it is able to provide genuinely inclusive mobility and reduce car dependence. Whether it achieves this, or whether it instead reduces sustainability remains an open question and likely to hinge on whether we get the regulatory approach right in these early stages.

Photo of Edward Leigh
Edward Leigh

Transport Economist & Leader of Smarter Cambridge Transport

The role of regulation in an effective response to the climate crisis

Smart mobility is about making transport more energy- and space-efficient, using fewer cars, more micromobility, more shared and public transit, and fewer vehicle-miles to move freight. Technology, infrastructure, service design and behavioural incentives are all parts of the solution.

Photo of Dr. Sarah Wise
Dr. Sarah Wise

Lecturer in Agent-based Modelling, Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis, University College London

Agent-based Modelling for Last Mile Delivery – Toward a sustainable system

Changing the ways we move doesn't have to be a question of investing in new hardware, but in new ways of organising ourselves. We can use technology to explore the costs and benefits of new patterns of movement.

Photo of Eliane Moreno Gómez Tagle
Eliane Moreno Gómez Tagle

Mobility Project Manager, Volkswagen AG​

How can we improve mobility as a public service with data and technology?

Smart mobility is about the freedom to choose how to shape the next generations of cities.

Photo of Olaf Mumm
Olaf Mumm

Deputy Head, Institute for Sustainable Urbanism ISU Technische Universität Braunschweig​

Mobility for people​

Liveable spaces for all! Digital Urbanism unlocks human-centric perspectives to develop holistic methods and strategies for more sustainable development.​

Photo of Mark Wagstaff​
Mark Wagstaff​

Head of Regulatory Review and Programme Office, Future of Mobility Team, Centre for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles, UK Department for Transport​

Regulation for Innovation​

Smart mobility is transforming how we travel. To make the most of these opportunities we need regulation that supports innovation for all.

Photo of Cassi Welling
Cassi Welling

COO, Hawa Dawa

Upwardly mobile: helping control systems reaching their limits: using air quality data to incentivise, nudge and control specific mobility behaviours.​

Smart mobility should represent a balance between individual freedom and positive economic, social and environmental impact.


Wednesday, 26 February

Start End Activity
08:30 09:00 Registration
09:00 09:10 Opening Remarks by HM Consul-General, British Consulate-General Düsseldorf
09:10 09:20 Welcome address by the City of Bielefeld
09:20 09:30 Setting the scene - BABLE
09:30 10:10 I: Mobility as a Service (Maas)

Presentation 1: Volkswagen (10min)
Presentation 2: ioki Hamburg (10min)

Questions from the audience to the panel (20 min)

10:10 10:50 II: Mobility & Public Space

Presentation 1: Cardiff University (10min)
Presentation 2: Technische Universität Braunschweig (10min)

Questions from the audience to the panel (20 min)

10:50 11:10 Working coffee break
11:10 12:20 III: Regulation of Mobility Services & Behaviour

Presentation 1: University of Leeds (10min)
​ Presentation 2: Smarter Cambridge Transport (10min)
​ Presentation 3: Centre for Connected & Autonomous Vehicles, UK Department for Transport (10min)​
Presentation 4: Hawa Dawa (10min)​

Questions from the audience to the panel (30 min)

12:20 13:15 Lunch break
13:15 14:15 Breakout sessions

Each participant can choose amongst one of five thematic workshops led by experts in the field of Smart Mobility.

Participants will be able to deepen their understanding of a specific topic linked to Smart Mobility, meet with professionals working on similar issues and share experiences in one thematic workshop.

14:15 14:45 Working coffee break
14:45 15:30 IV: Last Mile Logistics

Presentation 1: University College London (10min)​
Presentation 2: Streetdock Belfast (10min)​

Questions from the audience to the panel (25 min)

15:30 16:15 Presentation of workshop results and discussion
16:15 16:45 Concluding remarks
16:45 Optional networking & drinks reception

Event Location

Légère Hotel Bielefeld

Neumarkt 2
22602 Bielefeld

More information about the location (external): Legere Hotel Bielefeld

Walking directions from Bielefeld central station

How to get there

  • Nearest airports:
    • Paderborn-Lippstadt (62km)
    • Münster-Osnabrück (71km)
    • Dortmund (103km)
    • Hannover (110km)
    • Düsseldorf (190km)
  • In walking distance to Bielefeld central station (approx. 9 minutes)
  • Parking available

Further Information

Why should you sign up for the Smart Mobility Symposium?

The event brings together professionals from the public and private sector as well as research institutions, developers and financing institutions from the United Kingdom, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Participants have a specific interest in the opportunities of Smart Mobility, are keen on engaging internationally and see potential in cross-national cooperation in the Smart Mobility sector.

How can I join the Smart Mobility Symposium?

Just register here and enter your personal details.
We are looking forward to meeting you at the event!
Registration deadline: 20 February 2020

Who organises the Smart Mobility Symposium?

The event is co-organised by BABLE, a young Morgenstadt spin-off facilitating innovation in cities, the UK Science and Innovation Network (SIN), the City of Bielefeld and the Department for International Trade (DIT).

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